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University Paid Expenses-Business Travel Account (BTA) Process and Direct Bill

Airfare on BTA 

  1. Contact Groople 817-987-9004 (paid via Purchase Order) or Horizons Travel at 325-658-2436 (before you submit your pre-approval) for an airfare quote and to select your itinerary. NOTE: Please be sure that the flight information given to the travel agency is your final itinerary. Only the Travel Office will provide authorization of payment and they will not make changes to the itinerary given by the traveler.
  2. Do not list Groople airfare on your Pre-Approval. For airfare booked with Horizons, be sure to select the “Pre-Pay on BTA” on the “Paid By” drop-down box for the airfare and airline service charge and list any other expected expenses.
  3. Be sure to track your requisition for Groople to ensure timely payment.
  4. The Travel Office will contact Horizons once the Pre-Approval has been fully approved.
  5. Once flight arrangements have been ticketed with Horizons, you will receive a flight reservation and confirmation via email that will contain a link to your e-ticket information.
  6. Airfare will not be listed on the Expense Report.
  7. For more information on this process, please review:

Hotel on BTA (only available for student groups & benefits eligible employees declined a state travel card)

  1. Make a reservation for a hotel (using a personal credit card to hold the reservation, if required). Please inquire about the hotel’s cancellation policy.
  2. Submit a Pre-Approval. Under the lodging expense tile, be sure to mark the “Pre-Pay on BTA” on the “Paid By” drop-down box.
  3. Attach a copy of the reservation confirmation (with the confirmation number) on the Pre-Approval.
  4. Once the Pre-Approval has been fully approved, the Travel Office will contact the hotel a few days prior to your stay to authorize BTA payment. (Your personal credit card may be held on file with the hotel for incidental expenses.)
  5. Upon check in, please verify the method of payment with the hotel to make sure it will not charge your personal credit card (except for incidentals and added charges).
  6. If in Texas, present the Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Form to the front desk of the hotel.
  7. While checking out, request a receipt showing proof of payment, the name and location of the establishment, itemized charges, and the traveler’s name. Again, make sure that only the room and tax have been charged to the BTA card and that any incidentals were charged to your personal card.
  8. Upon your return, submit an Expense Report and email the hotel receipt to the Travel Office (Receipts for hotel on BTA should be turned in within one week of your return.) For more information on this process, please review the:

Note for Prospective Employees: ASU does not use the BTA credit card to prepay rooms in San Angelo because local hotels are able to directly bill ASU. When you call a hotel to reserve a room for a prospective employee say that you are using direct bill. Once you get a confirmation number, submit an online requisition in Banner so that the Purchasing Office can create a Purchase Order. 

Note: For hotels, the BTA will only be authorized for nightly room rates and applicable taxes – all incidental expenses should be paid using a personal form of payment. 

Rental Vehicle Direct Bill-Enterprise (only available for student groups & benefits eligible employees declined a state travel card)

  1. Submit a Pre-Approval and make sure under the Rental Vehicle expense tile that “Enterprise” is selected and the “Direct Bill” option is selected under the “Paid by” drop-down box.
  2. The traveler makes their own rental vehicle reservations. Once the Pre-Approval has completed the approval process, the Travel Office will then authorize the payment to Enterprise.
  3. Upon the return of your trip, please do not list the Rental Vehicle expense on the Expense Report in Chrome River. There is no further action needed by the traveler for this particular expense.

Note: For rental cars, the Travel Office will not authorize payment of additional insurance or non-state-approved charges and fees.