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Making Hotel Arrangements

  1. Travelers are responsible for making their hotel reservations.
  2. ASU prefers that hotels are not booked using online booking agents, such as Expedia,, etc., because the receipts do not provide sufficient itemization for compliance with the state. 
  3. Be sure to visit for various state rates. Make sure the hotel selected for the trip, does not exceed the room rate indicated on the GSA website. 
  4. Upon check-in, please verify the method of payment with the hotel and, if in Texas, present the Hotel Exempt Form found on RamPort so that state tax is not charged.
  5. If sharing a hotel room with another ASU employee, please have the hotel divide the cost onto two separate receipts with each showing an individual’s name and separate method of payment.
  6. Upon check-out, request a receipt showing proof of payment ($0.00 balance due), the name and location of the establishment, itemized charges and the traveler’s name. Again, make sure that state tax has not been charged to your room (if in Texas).

Please note: For hotels, the BTA will only be authorized for the nightly room rate and applicable taxes.  All incidental expenses should be paid using a personal form of payment. 

Please keep in mind that in order to be reimbursed for a hotel room, you must:

Hotel Engine

Hotel Engine is an online hotel booking platform that has replaced the hotel directory listing. Employees can use it to find lodging that will honor approved reimbursement rates. State funds must use Hotel Engine.