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State Travel Cards

The university offers several credit card programs that are designed to meet specific needs of business travelers. Check out the credit card options listed below to see if one of them is right for you or your department.

For more detailed information regarding individually billed travel card accounts, please visit the State Comptroller’s website.

Business Travel Account

This type of account bills directly to the university on a single consolidated billing statement. This account is used to prepay airfare and lodging for an approved traveler. Only reimbursable official state business travel may be charged to this account. 

Individual Travel Card – Citibank MasterCard

To be eligible for a state-issued individual corporate travel charge card, a state employee must meet one of the conditions below:

If you feel you need a state-issued individual corporate travel charge card and you qualify under these guidelines, please contact the Travel Office for an application form. Citibank, the corporate travel charge card vendor, will screen credit histories on individual applicants.

Liability: The person whose name appears on the individual corporate travel charge card is liable for all charges applied to the card. Please be aware that if you book airfare with your state travel card, you will not be reimbursed until you return from your trip and you are still required to make the monthly card payments.

Note: Individual corporate travel charge cards issued through the State of Texas are to be used for official state business travel expenses only.

Each card has the official state logo and is embossed with the card member’s name, the account number, the state agency or university name, and the assigned code (three- to five-digit) number.

*Please contact the Purchasing/Travel Office if you would like to apply for a state travel card. 

Those who apply for a State Travel Card and are declined acceptance can utilize BTA payment of all travel services (Airfare and Hotel).  Please see BTA Instructions for more information.