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Step-by-Step Employee Travel Planning

  1. Coordinate your travel. 
    1. If more than one person from your department is attending the same event, travel should be coordinated to maximize cost-effectiveness.
    2. For travel involving airfare, please try to plan your trip as far in advance as possible to avoid last minute fare increases. 
  2. Submit a Pre-Approval in Chrome River. 
  3. Once the Pre-Approval has been fully approved, then the requested University paid expenses (Business Travel Account (BTA) or Direct Billing) expenses can be processed and authorized by the Travel Office.  
    1. Please contact the Travel Office if there are any change of plans before your trip (i.e, change of travel dates, funding sources.) 
    2. Pre-Approvals must be fully approved in Chrome River prior to your departure date. 
  4. Upon your return, gather all required receipts and submit an Expense Report in Chrome River. Remember to include as much information as possible to avoid any delays in processing your reimbursement.  
    1. Submit an Expense Report as soon as possible after your return. 
  5. Upon submitting the Expense Report, the Travel Office is the final approval of the Expense Report. The traveler will get an email stating when it has been fully approved and should expect a reimbursement soon.