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Active Shooter Response Guide

Do you know what to do if found in the middle of an active shooter incident?

There are three main actions you can take



If you can escape safely, RUN! It is important when out in public to take notice of where your closest exits are.



If escape is not an option, HIDE! Find solid objects to hide behind. If possible, find a safe room and barricade yourself. Close blinds, turn off lights, silence cell phones and get as close to the floor as you can. Give the impression the room is empty and unoccupied.



If running or hiding is not an option, your last resort may be FIGHT! Working together or alone, use aggression and improvised weapons to fight off and disable the shooter.

When Law Enforcement Arrives

IMPORTANT: How you respond to approaching police is as critical as how you respond to the shooter! Police are entering a very chaotic scene and have no idea who the shooter might be!

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