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ASUAlert is a communication system that allows Angelo State University to send time-sensitive emergency notifications via voice messages, text messages and email to Angelo State students, faculty and staff.

ASUAlert assists in providing a safer environment, enhancing emergency preparedness and keep the campus community more informed.

Emergency notifications will automatically be sent to your ASU email. However, we highly recommend you sign up to receive voice and text message notifications as well.

How to Sign Up for Voice and Text Alerts

  1. Log in to RamPort.
  2. Find the “My Info” widget on the Dashboard.
  3. Click the yellow button “Update ASU Alert Info.”
  4. Enter your phone number under “Voice” to receive phone calls.
  5. Enter your phone number under “Text Messaging” to opt into text alerts.

The information collected is secure and will only be used to reach you in the event of a campus or regional emergency as defined by university officials.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Contact Us!

If you have any questions regarding the ASUAlert program, please contact us at