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Academic and Administrative Buildings

Access to and security in academic and administrative buildings are accomplished through the “Policy on Keys to University Buildings and Facilities,” curfews on buildings at specified times and electronic surveillance.

Under this policy, keys are issued only to authorized persons on an individual basis, and the person receiving the key(s) is fully responsible for the key(s). Other than for very compelling reasons, keys will not be issued to student employees or temporary and casual employees. With the exception of individual door keys specifically issued to a student employee through authorized channels, student possession of keys is prohibited. Any exceptions to this provision for students must be based upon a strong justification and must have the prior written approval of the appropriate vice president.

After normal closing hours when buildings are secured, there will be only one designated outside entrance to each building. Anyone requiring access after a building is secured must have a key to the designated door for that building. Most university buildings are closed and secured by 10 p.m. However, some buildings may be closed earlier and, because of the specialized use of some of the university’s educational facilities at late hours on a continuing basis, certain buildings may remain open after 10 p.m. with written approval through administrative channels. Any exception to the designated closing time for a building on a regular or continuing basis must be justified and must have prior written approval of the appropriate dean and vice president who will notify the University Police Office and the President’s Office of the authorized change in closing time at least 48 hours in advance of the change.

Individual faculty, staff, teaching assistants, or graduate assistants who have been issued keys, and who are specifically authorized through association with the university to enter and use facilities within a particular building, may do so on an individual basis after the designated closing time without prior notification of the University Police Office. However, individuals with keys who enter buildings after the designated closing time must accept the responsibility for immediately locking the door after entering and upon leaving the building. Such individuals should be prepared to provide University Police personnel with appropriate identification if requested to do so.

Individual students and other persons are not authorized to be present in university buildings after the designated closing hour without prior approval of the department head and prior notification of the University Police Office. University Police may eject unauthorized persons from a building or take such other action as may be appropriate if such persons do not have specific authorization to be in the building after the designated closing time.