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Illegal Drugs

The university does not condone possession, use or distribution of marijuana, L.S.D. or other hallucinogenic, or narcotics by anyone in any campus facility. Angelo State University has established a DRUG FREE CAMPUS POLICY where the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession or use of any drug, narcotic, or controlled substance is prohibited on the Angelo State University campus by university policy and by the Board of Regents' RULES AND REGULATIONS as well as by state and federal statute. Any individual found in violation of this policy is subject to the following disciplinary sanctions:

Student Disciplinary Sanctions

According to the Board of Regents' RULES AND REGULATIONS:

A student who, by a preponderance of the evidence, under these RULES AND REGULATIONS, is found to have illegally possessed, used, sold or distributed any drug, narcotic, or controlled substance, whether the infraction is found to have occurred on or off-campus, shall be suspended for a period of not less than the remainder of the semester in which the infraction occurred plus the following long semester. In the event the semester in which the infraction occurred has ended by the time a student is found guilty, the student shall be suspended for a period of not less than the following two long semesters. With the approval of the president or the president's designee, suspension may be probated and sanctions may then include required counseling and/or rehabilitation along with other appropriate penalties. The president of each system university shall submit a written report quarterly to the chairman of the local committee that details all cases in which a suspension has been probated. A second infraction for a drug-related offense shall result in permanent expulsion from the university and from all other institutions in the Texas Tech University System.

Employee Disciplinary Sanctions

Where a violation of the ASU Drug-Free Campus Policy or the Board of Regents' RULES AND REGULATIONS is found, the university will, in accordance with established procedures of Angelo State University and the Board of Regents, Texas Tech University System, take appropriate disciplinary action against such faculty or staff, up to termination from the university, or require such faculty or staff to participate satisfactorily in an off-campus drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation program approved for such purposes by a federal, state or local health, law enforcement, or other appropriate agency. The cost of such programs, not covered by applicable insurance, shall be borne by the individual.