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Timely Warning Policy

University Police routinely notifies the campus community of ongoing security concerns. In the event that a situation arises, either on or off campus, that in the judgment of the Director of Public Safety or their designee, constitutes an ongoing or continuing threat, a campus wide “timely warning” will be issued. The warning shall be disseminated in such a way as to alert the campus community of the potential threat and provide as much information as deemed appropriate. The department acknowledges the complexity in guaranteeing that every member of the campus community is notified. With that said, reasonable means shall be deployed to issue timely warnings. Such means may include the following:

  1. Activating the campus ASUAlert emergency notification system;
  2. Posting of alerts on RamPort;
  3. Use of the student newspaper, The Ram Page;
  4. The distribution of fliers and posters;
  5. Posting of campus bulletins on department’s web site;
  6. Use of Twitter and Facebook
  7. The use of local media resources, as deemed appropriate.

Anyone with information warranting a timely warning should report the circumstance to the University Police Department:

University Police
Map: Vanderventer Plaza
2410 Vanderventer Ave., San Angelo, TX
ASU Station #11012, San Angelo, TX 76909

The University Police Department makes every effort to keep the university community aware of ongoing or continuing threats.