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Incoming freshmen applicants who have been denied admission to ASU have the opportunity to file an appeal by following the “Submitting an Appeal” guidelines below. All freshmen wishing to apply for an appeal must also meet the following qualifications:


Transfer applicants who have been denied admission to ASU should follow the “Submitting an Appeal” guidelines below.

Students who are on academic suspension at any institution are ineligible for admission to Angelo State University until the period and terms of the suspension have been satisfied and the above criteria have been met.

Submitting an Appeal

Appeal Process

To file an appeal for the Summer/Fall 2024 semesters, freshmen and transfer applicants must submit the following documents by noon on the deadline date listed below.

  1. A Request for Admissions Appeal Form filled out by the applicant.
  2. Two academic recommendation forms. Recommendations must be from individuals such as teachers and/or guidance counselors who are familiar with you and can attest to your academic promise. Forms submitted by family members or friends will not be reviewed.

All forms must be submitted by the deadline for a student’s file to be considered by the Undergraduate Admissions Committee. This committee is comprised of ASU faculty, staff and administrators that review files and provide a final decision to applicants. Each appeal is considered on its own merit. However, files will not be reviewed unless the Request for Admissions Appeal Form and two Recommendation Forms have been submitted.