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Texas Residency

The determination of residency classification for tuition purposes is governed by Texas law and rules set forth by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. A student’s residency classification is initially based on the information provided on their ApplyTexas Application.

If a student is classified as a non-Texas resident and wishes to be considered for reclassification as a Texas resident, it is necessary to submit the applicable Residency Questionnaire:

Supporting documentation will be required. Students must have applied to ASU in order to have their residency classification reviewed.

Students seeking to change their residency status must submit a completed Core Residency Questionnaire along with the required documentation by the census date of each semester. This deadline falls on the 12th class day for Fall or Spring terms and the 4th class day for Summer semesters.

Census Dates:

The following information is neither exhaustive nor complete and should not be interpreted as such. For detailed information about regulations relating to residency in the State of Texas, visit the College for All Texans Residency Information page.

Contact Information

Undergraduate students who have questions about residency should contact the Admissions Office:

Phone: 325-942-2041
Fax: 325-942-20778

If you are a graduate student seeking Texas residency, please contact the College of Graduate Studies and Research:

Phone: 325-942-2169