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Taking the TSI Assessment

Three exams make up the TSI Assessment: reading, writing and mathematics. These are separate tests and each has a separate fee. It is your responsibility to know which exams you are required to complete. You should allow 1.5 hours for each exam.

Contact the ASU Testing Center or your nearest college or community college to see if it offers the TSI Assessment. If you plan to take the exam at the ASU Testing Center, register now.

TSI Pre-Assessment Activity

The State of Texas requires students to complete a pre-assessment activity before taking the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Assessment. When you finish this activity, you will be prompted to print a certificate of completion. You need to bring this certificate with you when you go to the ASU Testing Center to take the TSI Assessment.

Start the Pre-Assessment Activity

Check Your TSI Status

After your test, make sure you get a copy of your official score report and either fax it to 325-942-2553 or email it to

Check Your TSI Status