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Carr Academic Scholarship Programs

The Carr Academic Scholarship is Angelo State’s premier scholarship program.

Carr Academic Scholarships are available exclusively to Ram Fam members, and are awarded based on your academic performance.

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First-Time Freshmen

Carr Academic Scholarships are for new freshmen, and recognize previous academic achievements. Awards are based on high school GPA and standardized test scores.

Current Undergraduate Students

Carr Earn-In Academic Scholarships provide funds to students who did not qualify for a Carr Academic Scholarship as first-time freshmen or transfer students.

Transfer Students

Carr Academic Transfer Scholarships are specifically for transfer students. Awards are based on the GPA on transferable coursework and the number of transferable credit hours.

Graduate Students

Carr Academic Graduate Scholarships are the premier scholarship opportunity for graduate students. Awards are based on the student’s overall undergraduate GPA.

Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) Students

Carr Academic Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) Scholarships are available for qualified students entering ASU’s physical therapy program.

ROTC Students

Carr ROTC Scholarships are awarded to incoming qualified students in ASU’s Air Force ROTC program. Awards are competitive and based on academic achievements, leadership and standardized test scores.

Congratulations to our Carr Academic Scholarship Graduates