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Graduating Carr Scholars

Graduation Photo

The Scholarship Programs Office at Angelo State University would like to recognize the following Carr Graduates. These students received a Carr scholarship while at ASU and successfully achieved academic progress throughout the duration of their scholarship. Our office has enjoyed working with these students during their academic career at ASU and is proud to call them members of the Ram Fam. The Scholarship Programs Office wishes the 2020 Graduating Carr Scholars the best in their future endeavors. 

  • Carr Academic Scholars

    The following graduates are students that received a Carr Academic Scholarship as first-time freshman and successfully kept their scholarship during their time at Angelo State University. 

    Carr Academic Scholars
    Name Major
    Aguilar, Jada P. Psychology
    Allen, Hannah V. Mathematics
    Alvarado-Pereyra, Gabriel L. Psychology
    Bahlman, Madelynn R. Nursing
    Boyd, Elizabeth A. Exercise Science
    Cadenhead, Bridgett A. Nursing
    Carr, Amber R. Management
    Carter, Rachel P. Psychology
    Chasteen, Clay S. Ag Science and Leadership
    Cobern, Brady S. English
    Crawford, Rylee S. Health Science Professions
    Cross, Cameron A. Kinesiology
    Cyrus, Tyler W. Criminal Justice
    Davenport, Elisabeth N. Exercise Science
    Davis, Kayci S. Exercise Science
    Dillen, Lydia N. Communication
    Dusek, Jake D. Food Animal Science Marketing
    Gallien, Dyson L. Ag Science and Leadership
    Garcia, Aleya R. Kinesiology
    Glover, Levi J. Biology
    Gonzales, Jess A. Management
    Habecker, Christopher A. Computer Science
    Hammond, Kyra S. Animal Science
    Hare, Alexis N. Psychology
    Hendley, Kamryn L. Nursing
    Hodges, Heather L. Mass Media
    Jenschke, Jacob D. Management
    Jimenez, Conrado Biology
    Kirkland, Macye J. Biology
    Kuehler, Zachary T. Accounting
    Mace, Tierra L. Nursing
    Marshall, Caitlin B. Exercise Science
    May, Mylah D. Political Science
    Merrill, Harley D. Accounting
    Montgomery, Hagen R. Agribusiness
    Munoz, Maria F. Criminal Justice
    Nguyen, Tuan T. Biology
    Nguyen, Xuan H. Computer Science
    Ochello, Andrew B. Management Information Systems
    Olivares Esparza, Anthony Accounting
    Perez, Liliana M. English
    Petterson, Amanda L. Marketing
    Rich, Makaya K. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Riddle, Kelsey L. Exercise Science
    Riggs, Aaron S. Natural Resource Management
    Ruedas, Yaslin O. Health Science Professions
    Sanchez, Marlee R. Marketing
    Sanders, Thomas A. Natural Resource Management
    Savell, Katelynn A. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Smith, Kylie D. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Spain, Jade E. Health Science Professions
    Tadlock, Travis P. Finance
    Timmer, Sidney M. Communication
    Tobey, Elaina R. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Tovar, Tiani L. Agribusiness
    Tran, Annie T. Finance
    Trevino, Breanna R. Health Science Professions
    Vaughn, Jade A. Marketing
    Wells, Thomas W. Health Science Professions
    White, Grace V. Psychology
    Williams, Ethan T. Computer Science
    Williams, Octavyia R. Health Science Professions
    Zuniga Sanchez, Eddye Management Information Systems
  • Carr Academic Earn-In Scholars

    The following graduates are students that earned a Carr Academic Earn-In Scholarship based on their academic achievements while at Angelo State University. 

    Carr Academic Earn-In Scholars
    Name Major
    Arocha, Angelica R. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Becerril, Janet Biology
    Bronkhorst, Zachary L. Criminal Justice
    Burton, Katherine M. Accounting
    Chavez, Elizabeth I. Animal Science
    Cobler, NixieRose S. English
    El-Masri, Miya S. International Business
    Escobar, Nicholas J. Criminal Justice
    Flint, Shane A. Geoscience
    Fontenot, Reagan M. Animal Science
    Gaither, Arielle R. Music
    Gaspar, Zachary R. Management
    Gonzalez, Jordan M. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Gray, Arica F. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Guevara, Evie M. Kinesiology
    Gutierrez, Nickolas S. Biology
    Hamilton, Carl W. Animal Science
    Harris, Sarah L. Animal Science
    Helms, Hannah M. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Hood, Valuree R. English
    House, Bridgett A. English
    Hullum, Shaylah A. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Kypfer, Kassidy A. Animal Science
    Luevano-Marrero, Samantha R. Studio Art
    Majors, Sara J. Kinesiology
    Martinez, Daniela R. Management
    Martinez, Hunter I. Exercise Science
    Mccoy, Allana R. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Miller, Morgan J. Accounting
    Mims, Rachel J. Intelligence and Analysis
    Munoz, Brandon P. Exercise Science
    Oliphant, Robert S. Criminal Justice
    Page, K’Leigh M. Criminal Justice
    Paredes, Yahaira G. Management Information Systems
    Perez, Alexis N. Biology
    Perez, Mikala E. Health Science Professions
    Pursley, ShelbyLynn M. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Rabb, Pamella C. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Rackley, Sabrina R. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Ramirez, Jordan R. Communication
    Reed, Justin L. Animal Science
    Reyes, Crespin Health Science Professions
    Robinson, Ashleigh N. Criminal Justice
    Rodriguez, Ashley A. Exercise Science
    Rodriguez, Nydia A. Spanish
    Salcido, Elias M. Criminal Justice
    Sanchez, Byanca Interdisciplinary Studies
    Shin, Minsu Mathematics
    Shotton, Gabriel N. Geoscience
    Smith, James C. Studio Art
    Stokely, Ashley M. Psychology
    Thomas, Kiana P. Animal Science
    Tondre, Cameron A. Management
    Vandergriff, Tiffany N. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Villanueva, Yesenia Psychology
    Wills, Alex-Andrea N. Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Carr Academic Transfer Scholars

    The following graduates are transfer students that were awarded a Carr Academic Transfer Scholarship upon their acceptance and successfully kept their scholarship during their time at Angelo State University. 

    Carr Academic Transfer Scholars
    Name Major
    Banda, Brianna R. Accounting
    Barnett, Caitlyn Exercise Science
    Blalock, Marlie A. Marketing
    Carr, Kelsey L. Exercise Science
    Clark, Christian N. Theatre
    Contreras, Brianna N. Applied Arts and Sciences
    Crowe, Lauren M. Nursing
    Dragland, Heather J. Health Science Professions
    Fisher, Christopher R. Border Security
    French, Patricia L. Kinesiology
    Galindo, Zeke J. Management
    Ganiere, Tiffany N. Intelligence and Analysis
    Graham, Delani M. Nursing
    Grijalva, Stephanie Kinesiology
    Guajardo, Olivia L. English
    Harris, Maya Border and Homeland Security
    Hays, Britney P. Computer Science
    Illig, Lucas S. Intelligence and Analysis
    Johnson, Tyler S. Intelligence and Analysis
    Langston, Dustin R. Communication
    Lawson, Matthew L. Intelligence and Analysis
    Le, To N. Marketing
    Lozano, Kamryn L. Exercise Science
    Mahadeo, Shaun A. Intelligence and Analysis
    Mccoy, Shaelin R. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Mikulencak, Bailey B. Nursing
    Nguyen, Mai T. Finance
    Packwood, Kyle A. Intelligence and Analysis
    Peak, Michael T. Intelligence and Analysis
    Ramirez, Katherine E. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Rathmell, Laci J. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Romero Solis, Jose E. Health Science Professions
    Scott, Gehrig B. Interdisciplinary Studies
    Sharp, Katherine R. Nursing
    Silva Gomez, Andrea E. Marketing
    Simonton, Makayla K. Criminal Justice
    Thompson, Chandler M. Criminal Justice
    Vasquez, Amber C. Criminal Justice
    Vinson, Dustina L. Natural Resource Management
    Weaver, Kaylee B. Nursing
  • Carr Academic Graduate Scholars

    The following graduates were awarded a Carr Academic Graduate Scholarship upon their acceptance into their graduate program and successfully kept their scholarship during their academic career. 

    Carr Academic Graduate Scholars
    Name Field of Study
    Alton, Sarah A. Guidance and Counseling
    Angelo-Day, Olga F. Educational Leadership
    Balderas, Zachary A. Business Administration
    Bautista, Cassandra M. Educational Leadership
    Bedrick, Thomas J. Curriculum and Instruction
    Broddrick, Bailee P. Applied Psychology
    Brodnax, Barry M. Business Administration
    Burleson, Heather C. Homeland Security
    Caffari, Paolo Business Administration
    Couch, Jamie Q. Business Administration
    Cunningham, Jacque Professional School Counseling
    Elijah, Anthony Global Security Studies
    Esteves, Carlos A. Global Security Studies
    Fougerat, Kendall S. Guidance and Counseling
    French, Leddy N. Business Administration
    Gannaway, Stephanie G. Business Administration
    Gibson, Jordan A. Coaching, Sport, Recreation and Fitness Administration
    Hall, Morgan C. Educational Administration
    Henderson, Bryce J. Curriculum and Instruction
    Henry, David L. Homeland Security
    Hill, Mattie J. Curriculum and Instruction
    Hinchman, Crystal S. Guidance and Counseling
    Hinds, Jennifer L. Business Administration
    Jackson, Victoria L. Professional School Counseling
    Kannapel, Mandy M. Global Security Studies
    Lindberg, Rachael A. Counseling Psychology
    Lomas, Kristopher D. Curriculum and Instruction
    Lopez, Thalia M. Professional Accountancy
    Loy, Christina E. Guidance and Counseling
    Malone, Caitlin T. Global Security Studies
    Marks, Emily R. Counseling Psychology
    Matsuda, Shayne K. Intelligence and Analysis
    McCloskey, Rachael C. Applied Psychology
    McEnrue, Madlyn S. Business Administration
    Mikle, Amanda E. Intelligence and Analysis
    Miranda, Carolina Student Development and Leadership
    Morales, Johnny R. Homeland Security
    Morris, Taytum L. Student Development and Leadership
    Mullett, Donald Business Administration
    Oneal, Colleen T. Homeland Security
    O’Neal, Miranda A. Guidance and Counseling
    Parrish, Candy D. Curriculum and Instruction
    Philipp, Davella L. Business Administration
    Ramirez, Jason E. Homeland Security
    Ratliff, Caitlyn R. Homeland Security
    Ray, Jake G. Business Administration
    Seago, Jessica Educational Leadership
    Shields, Courtney A. Counseling Psychology
    Stricker, Nichole R. Student Development and Leadership
    Tieyah, Cara B. Curriculum and Instruction
    Topping, Jason C. Applied Psychology
    Trevizo, Claudia M. Curriculum and Instruction
    Urbany, Kenedy C. Guidance and Counseling
    Valles, Belinda Educational Leadership
    Worl, Kaleb E. Business Administration
    York, Elizabeth K. Business Administration
    Zarbo, Aaron J. Business Administration

The Graduating Carr Scholars lists are based upon students’ status as of December 1, 2020 and may not reflect recent changes. If you do not see a graduating Carr Scholar’s name on the list, please contact our office at 325-942-2777.