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Carr Scholarships

Angelo State University is home to the Carr Scholarship, our premier scholarship program available exclusively to ASU students.

Funded by one of the largest endowments at a U.S. university, Carr Scholarships are academic scholarships awarded based on your academic achievements. Additional funds are available to those who show financial need through your FAFSA.

Awards are based on your ACT or SAT test scores (or your class rank when test scores are not available) and your high school GPA.

2022-23 Academic Year Carr Scholarship Levels
Amount per year Test Scores, Rank and GPA Requirements   Min
ACT   SAT   Class Rank
34-36 or 1490-1600   test score required and 4.0
$8,000 32-33 or 1420-1480   test score required and 4.0
$6,000 29-31 or 1330-1410   test score required and 4.0
$4,000 27-28 or 1260-1320   test score required and 3.75
$3,000 24-26 or 1160-1250   test score required and 3.5
$2,000 22-23 or 1100-1150 or Top 10% and 3.5
$1,500 21 or 1060-1090 or Top 20% and 3.0

*GPA always required, no matter what level you qualify for.

Plus, you could qualify for an additional $1,000 each year based on your FAFSA. Students in the ASU Honors Program qualify for an additional $3,000 per year.


Renewal Requirements

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will review your progress at the end of each spring semester to determine if you qualify for continued eligibility of your Carr Scholarship.