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Your Future, Our Commitment.

We offer you many of the same scholarships as currently enrolled students, as well as some that are specifically for transfer students.

Graduate doing the ram hand and smiling with his diploma in front of the Junell Center.

ASU Distinguished Transfer Scholarships

Earn our premier scholarship based on your transfer GPA and number of transferable credit hours. Once you are admitted to ASU, you will automatically be considered. No application is necessary.

Student sits at a table in the library studying on her laptop.

General Scholarships

Submit one application to be considered for over 350 different scholarships, and you can apply every year.

Student closing a cattle chute

Degree-Specific Scholarships

We offer over 250 scholarships that are tied to specific degree programs, and you can apply every year.

You can apply for both our general scholarships and degree-specific scholarships with the same application.

Some scholarships require the FAFSA, so we encourage you to submit your FAFSA every year.

What is the FAFSA?