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Cost Estimator

Calculate your estimated cost, including tuition and fees, room and board, and other expenses. Enter your financial aid amounts to find out what you will owe.


Fall Spring Year
Number of hours you plan to take

Billed Costs

These are the costs that will appear on your student bill. Use our Tuition Estimator to estimate your cost based on number of hours and living plans.

Fall Spring Year
Tuition and Fees
Housing (Room cost)
Meal Plan (Board cost)
Billed Costs Total

Other Expenses

These are additional costs, not billed by ASU, that you may incur as a student. If you do not know how to estimate these, you may use our default values.

Fall Spring Year
Books and Supplies
Miscellaneous Expenses
Other Expenses Total

Total Estimated Cost

This is the total estimated cost of attendance before any financial assistance.

Fall Spring Year

Grants & Scholarships

Grants and scholarships are considered “gift aid” and do not require repayment. Use your Financial Aid Award Letter or your Financial Aid Information in RamPort to find out these amounts.

Note: Awarded amount is based on full-time enrollment (12+ hours for undergraduate, 9+ hours for graduate). Less than full-time enrollment will reduce these amounts.
Fall Spring Year
ASU Distinguished Scholarship and other scholarships from ASU
Federal Grants (Pell Grant and others)
State Grants (TEXAS/TPEG/RAM)
Other Scholarships, Exemptions, Waivers
Grants & Scholarships Total

Estimated Net Cost

This is the amount that you will pay or borrow money to pay to attend school. It is also the amount you should use when comparing your cost for different schools you might be thinking about attending.

Fall Spring Year
Net Cost


Loans can help you pay for the remaining cost of your education, but remember that loans must be repaid. Borrow only what you need to cover what you cannot pay during the time you are in school. Use your Financial Aid Award Letter or your Financial Aid Information in RamPort to find out these amounts.

Fall Spring Year
Federal Direct Loan Subsidized
Federal Direct Loan Unsubsidized
Federal Parent PLUS Loan
Other Loans
Loans Total

Estimated Amount Owed*

This is the amount that you will still owe after all grants, scholarships, and loans have been applied. If you cannot or choose not to borrow enough to cover the cost of your education, you may be eligible for work study/student employment or an installment plan.

Fall Spring Year
Amount Owed

* This tool is intended to provide an estimate of the costs you will incur as a student at Angelo State University per semester for the term selected. The totals provided here, including any potential refunds, are an estimate only and should not be considered your official guaranteed costs.

As a student, you may also incur additional charges not listed here. Refer to the Controller’s Office website for a full list of tuition and fees. Refer to the Residential Programs website for more information about residence hall rates and meal plan rates.

Tuition and fees are subject to change by the Texas Legislature or the Board of Regents, Texas Tech University System.