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Work Study is an employment program funded by the federal/state government and by either the university or an off-campus nonprofit employer. 

How to Apply

You must indicate you are interested in the program on your FAFSA application, as well as demonstrate “financial need.” Financial need is defined as the difference between the cost of attendance, other aid and the expected family contribution. If the expected family contribution and other aid combined is not enough to cover your cost of attendance, you are considered to have financial need.


As with any job, you must apply. You are not guaranteed a job, even if you are awarded Work Study eligibility.

Once you have a job, Work Study funds are paid directly to you and deposited to your ASU OneCard. It is NOT credited to your bill. Generally, you will work 15-20 hours per week. Your wage is determined by the fiscal regulations of the university, but will not be less than minimum wage.

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Work Study eligibility may change per year. You must maintain satisfactory academic progress, as well as renew your FAFSA each year.

Please note, Work Study awarded amounts could be adjusted at any time according to federal and institutional regulations.