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Homecoming Honorees

The Alumni Association accepts nominations for eight awards and normally selects one honoree for each category. A ninth award, Distinguished Young Alumnus, has been added for 2017.

  • 2019
  • 2018
    • Clark Pfluger

      Clark Pfluger
      Class of 1977

      Distinguished Alumnus

      Though he prefers to stay out of the limelight, Clark Pfluger has had a profound influence on the entire ASU campus community.

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    • John Delk

      John Delk
      Class of 1996

      Distinguished Alumnus

      A third-generation Angelo State alum, John Delk remains as proud and supportive of his alma mater as the day he graduated.

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    • Jim Slaughter

      Jim Slaughter
      Class of 1968

      Golden Ex of the Year

      Though he hasn’t actually coached in San Angelo in over 30 years, Jim Slaughter remains one of most revered high school football coaches in the city’s history.

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    • Brent Davis

      Brent Davis
      Class of 1987

      Distinguished Carr Scholar Alumnus

      The son of a hall of fame Texas high school football coach, Brent Davis is well on his way to establishing a similar legacy for himself.

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    • Dr. Lesley Casarez

      Dr. Lesley Casarez

      Distinguished Faculty Achievement

      For someone who never planned on being an educator, Dr. Lesley Casarez sure is good at it.

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    • Dr. Pat Maddox

      Dr. Pat Maddox
      Class of 1988-2006

      Outstanding Retired Faculty Member

      They may not have known it, but Dr. Pat Maddox’s students probably had the “toughest” professor on campus.

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    • Jason Snider

      Jason Snider
      Class of 2010

      Distinguished Young Alumnus

      Jason Snider epitomizes the American ideal of being a self-made man.

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    • Maj. David Mitchell

      Maj. David Mitchell
      Class of 2004

      Distinguished ROTC Alumnus

      The U.S. Air Force’s recruiting slogan is “Aim High,” and Maj. David Mitchell has literally done that every day since he was commissioned for jet pilot training in 2004.

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    • Mark Multer

      Mark Multer
      Class of 1978

      Outstanding Staff

      It may sound cliché, but Mark Multer is all about “service with a smile.”

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  • 2017
    • Lori Barton

      Lori Barton
      Class of 1999 & 2005

      Distinguished Alumna

      Barton’s commitment to her students includes exposing them to opportunities at Angelo State.

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    • Dr. Brian Stevens

      Dr. Brian Stevens
      Class of 2003

      Distinguished Young Alumnus

      Dr. Stevens may serve the pets of San Angelo, but his favorite animal has to be a Ram.

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    • Dr. Raelye Self

      Dr. Raelye Self
      Class of 2005, 2007, & 2010

      Distinguished Carr Scholar Alumna

      Dr. Self continues to give back to the school that gave her so much.

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    • Col. Carl Jones

      Col. Carl Jones
      Class of 1992

      Distinguished ROTC Alumnus

      Over his 25-year career, Col. Jones has cherished his ASU family.

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    • Dr. Cody Scott

      Dr. Cody Scott

      Distinguished Faculty Achievement

      Dr. Scott knows the value of hard work, and the agriculture sciences are better off for it.

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    • Annette Dixon

      Annette Dixon

      Outstanding Staff

      Dixon serves faculty and students to elevate her whole department.

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    • Dr. Terry C. Maxwell

      Dr. Terry C. Maxwell
      Class of 1974

      Outstanding Retired Faculty Member

      Dr. Maxwell touched the lives of countless students.

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    • Len and Jaxine Boling

      Len and Jaxine Boling

      Honorary Alumni

      Len and Jaxine Boling aren’t just superfans, they’re super members of the Ram Fam.

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    • Jim Boles

      Jim Boles
      Class of 1967

      Golden Ex of the Year

      Boles has taken lessons he learned on the court from legendary Phil George to heart in his career.

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  • 2016
    • Phil Neighbors

      Phil Neighbors
      Class of 1974

      Distinguished Alumnus
      -in loving memory (1952-2016)

      Neighbors was president of the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce. He was a devoted friend to ASU and ASU students.

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    • Darin Carroll

      Darin Carroll
      Class of 1994 & 1998

      Distinguished Alumnus

      Carroll is director of the Environmental Safety and Health Compliance Office within the Office of Safety Security and Asset Management at the CDC.

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    • Mohammad Shamim

      Mohammad Shamim
      Class of 1991

      Distinguished Carr Scholar Alumnus

      Shamim’s journey to senior vice president and chief information officer at CarMax Inc. began with a Carr Academic Scholarship to ASU.

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    • Maj. Lori R. Hodge

      Maj. Lori R. Hodge
      Class of 2002

      Distinguished ROTC Alumna

      A proud ASU alum, San Angeloan and Texan, Maj. Hodge is deputy director of public affairs, Pacific Air Command, U.S. Air Force.

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    • Dr. James Ward

      Dr. James Ward

      Distinguished Faculty Achievement

      Ward is an assistant professor in the Department of Physics and Geosciences. He describes teaching his first class at ASU as a pivotal change in his career.

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    • Martha Perez Cox

      Martha Perez Cox

      Outstanding Staff

      As bursar at Angelo State, Martha Cox calls the university her “home away from home.” After 27 years at ASU, she “bleeds blue and gold.”

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    • Dr. David Loyd Jr.

      Dr. David Loyd Jr.

      Outstanding Retired Faculty Member

      Loyd is a Distinguished Professor of Physics Emeritus and a retired dean of the College of Sciences and professor of physics.

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    • Betty Joe “B.J.” Mayer

      Betty Joe “B.J.” Mayer

      Honorary Alumna

      One cannot think of the ASU Friends of the Library or the West Texas Collection without associating B.J. Mayer. She is truly a hands-on volunteer with a big heart for students.

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    • Richard G. Mayer

      Richard G. Mayer

      Golden Ex of the Year

      Mayer attended SAC and continues the philanthropic legacy his grandfather, Sol Mayer, began through numerous scholarships and gifts to Angelo State.

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