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Academic Departments

Our academic departments prepare graduates for a wide variety of professional careers. We empower the next generation of communicators, historians, teachers, researchers, security specialists, government officials, performers and creative artists, and more.

Communication and Mass Media

English and Modern Languages


Political Science and Philosophy

Security Studies and Criminal Justice

Visual and Performing Arts


  • Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (B.A.A.S.)
  • Hybrid (Online and In Person)
Our Applied Arts and Sciences program is a pathway to use your associate degree toward a bachelor’s degree. Choose from a variety of specializations.
  • Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (B.I.S.)
  • Online
  • In Person
A Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies is a general studies degree where you combine two minors as your major to prep for a variety of careers.


Refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for a full list of Minors and their requirements.

Beauty in the Ordinary, Apr 22

The discipline that alumnus Brian Carroll learned at Angelo State brought him to the moment of crossing the finish line at the 2024 Boston Marathon.

Around the College

Sonia Manzano, Maria from Sesame Street and best-selling author, was the 2018 distinguished spe...

Distinguished Speaker Series

Each year, we bring notable speakers to campus for the Holland Symposium on American Values and the Holland-Harrell Foreign Affairs Speakers Program. In addition to their interesting and informative presentations, the speakers often meet and interact with students in various classes.

Students performing at a mariachi concert

Arts @ ASU

Each season, we feature diverse art exhibits, a wide variety of choir and instrumental ensemble concerts, and stage productions of dramas, comedies and musicals – all driven by our students, including the newly formed Mariachi Los Pastores.

Young girl in traditional Japanese dress

Oral History

Our interdisciplinary oral history collections draw upon expertise from around the college to create historical records that chronicle the lives of those who have lived through our nation’s most trying times. These ambitious archives are a joint research initiative between both faculty and students.

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Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences Degree

Our B.A.A.S. degree program is a pathway for students who have already earned an associate degree to transfer their credits and earn a bachelor’s degree at ASU. There are several specific areas of specialization.

Happy young multiracial university students studying with books in a library.

Minor in Gender Studies

This multidisciplinary minor teaches students to analyze gender and sexuality as aspects of human biology, identity and culture. It is designed to prepare students for careers in a multicultural workplace or for graduate school studies in gender-related areas.

Outstanding Alumni

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The College of Arts and Humanities is dedicated to encouraging the intellectual curiosity and development of the next generation of critical thinkers. The intellectual and creative foundations of this endeavor are the art of written and oral communication, critical analysis and creative problem solving informed by a perspective of the past, an understanding of the present, and the flexibility to face the challenges of the future. The college provides academic, artistic and cultural programs that prepare students for their future careers and empowers them to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.