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Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies

The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (B.I.S.) degree program provides students with the opportunity to apply coursework in multiple fields toward an undergraduate degree. It is well-suited for students whose career goals call for training in more than one discipline, or who want a breadth of knowledge in several fields rather than a depth of knowledge in a single discipline. Students seeking the B.I.S. degree must declare it as their major in the same manner and at the same time that other students declare a major. For more information about the B.I.S. degree, contact the College of Arts and Humanities Advising Center.

Two minors comprise this multiple-discipline academic major. Any single-area minor offered at ASU may be used toward the academic major, providing it includes at least 18 credit hours with at least six at the advanced level.

The B.I.S. degree consists of a multiple-discipline academic major, other requirements and electives totaling at least 120 credit hours. At least 25% of the advanced hours required in the major must be taken in residence. At least 36 hours must be advanced (3000/4000 level courses).

Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (B.I.S.)

Multiple-Discipline Academic Major

The academic major in the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies requires a minimum of 36 credit hours. Students may choose from any two minor areas listed below to make up their major. Multiple-discipline minors are accepted as single-area minors. Each minor must include at least 18 credit hours with at least six hours at the advanced level and in residence. The multiple-area minor may not be used.

A comprehensive list of minors, including specific minor requirements, is located in the current Undergraduate Catalog. Available ASU minors include:


Contact the Academic Advisor for Interdisciplinary Studies for more information:

Marketable Skills

When you graduate with a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies Degree at Angelo State, you can expect to possess a variety of skills necessary to succeed.

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