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You can choose from 39 classes in 13 different disciplines across campus, including:

You can focus on Mexican American Studies or African American Studies, or take classes on a wide range of topics and peoples.  Students interested in a broad introduction to the field can take Introduction to Ethnic Studies.

Why Ethnic Studies?

Ethnic Studies provides tools to work in and with various communities, regardless of your major or professional interest. If you are interested in multicultural environments, such as teaching, counseling, journalism, public history, law, marketing, community organizing, the nonprofit sector, social work, public administration, public relations, and health and medicine, you can benefit from the skills and information in ethnic studies classes.

When you earn your Ethnic Studies minor, you will be prepared for a wide range of positions in federal, state and local governments, including in public policy, parks service, foreign service, translation, city and urban planning, and social services.

Travel With Us!

You can take the Ethnic Studies Capstone course in your senior year, which will include a class trip to a relevant site in the U.S. 


This 18-credit-hour minor includes sophomore and advanced course options from across the disciplines. You must take courses in at least three different disciplines, which can include your major, but cannot include ESTD 2301. Any transfer credits are subject to approval. 

Marketable Skills-Related Classes

Apply your knowledge in the community and in professional development opportunities. You can earn three (3) credit hours for a related capstone, internship or research course. Before enrolling in the course, you must communicate with your instructor your intention to use the course for your minor and receive approval.

Suggestions for Area Focus

If you want to focus specifically on Mexican American Studies or African American Studies, consider the following course offerings.

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