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Timelines and Maps

This page is designed to help visitors navigate the large amount of material in the collection. It also places individuals’ stories in a larger narrative of the conflicts and regions they participated in.

These timelines and maps highlight contributions to the War Stories collection within their historical context. They will help you learn more about the U.S. military’s role in the world and find War Stories content.

The timelines highlight key events of conflicts involving the U.S. military from WWI to the present. They also draw your attention to some resources from this collection that touch upon those events. War Stories participants’ experiences are superimposed over the grand narrative of events during the period. The timelines also highlight some of the collection’s material that relates to well-known events during the conflict with quotes from our collection.

The maps highlight the role of the U.S. military in a region across a longer period of time. They focus on the period from WWII to the present and highlight the United States’ changing role in the world.


World War II

The Korean War

The Vietnam War


The U.S. Military in Asia

Please be aware that there is material related to the conflict/area not represented on the timelines and maps, so explore the collection as a whole or contact the project for assistance finding more material. Interview quotes are edited for length on both the timelines and maps.