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December 2014

Data Day, December 5, 2014

EPIC Staff Update

PACE Data: State of Educator Preparation For Initial Teacher Certification

TEA Update

Data from ASU ED Prep and public schools within 150 miles of ASU Campus

  1. Public School Demographics: Who do we serve?
  2. Public School Trends: Who will our candidates teach?
  3. STARR Performance: Who is doing well and who might need help?
  4. 25 High and Low Performing Campuses
  5. Teacher Production: How are we doing?
  6. State Wide University Based Teacher Production: Compared to others?
  7. 5 Year Retention: How are we doing?

CAEP Reports

Program Alignment

Use of Data for Program Improvement

Analysis if Data from Data Book for each Program

  1. What data was reviewed?
  2. What issues were identified from the data review?
  3. What Plan of Action has been developed?
    1. Rationale for plan
    2. Copy of plan to the Dean

Data Review