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College of Education Contacts

Educator Preparation Information Center (EPI Center)

Angelo State University’s Educator Preparation Program Mission Statement:

The Angelo State University faculty prepares professional education leaders to have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to meet changing societal needs in diverse school and community settings. The Educator Preparation Program at Angelo State University develops reflective candidates who embrace student-centered learning in successful partnerships with diverse families, schools, and communities.

Angelo State University’s Educator Preparation Program Vision Statement:

Preparing “A New Generation of Educators to Lead Others” toward lifelong learning.

Welcome to the ASU College of Education, which oversees the Department of Teacher Education and the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. We proudly serve the students and communities of West Texas and beyond. If we can assist you, please visit our contact page or call us at 325-942-2212.

Accredited Programs

All programs in the College of Education meet the requirements for state accreditation. Our Educator Preparation Program is accredited by the state of Texas and our elementary teacher preparation program and special education program are both nationally recognized exemplary programs.

Tomorrow’s Teachers and Administrators

The Department of Teacher Education and Department of Curriculum and Instruction prepare teachers for the elementary, middle and high school levels. Several master’s degree programs are also available to prepare school personnel for professional teaching and non-teaching positions, including guidance counseling and school administration. These programs can lead you to Texas certification or prepare you for leadership roles in school systems throughout the U.S. The College of Education also provides a comprehensive advising center serving the needs of current and future educators, and our faculty and advisors are willing to work with you at any time.

Tomorrow’s Higher Education Administrators

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction’s higher education master’s degree program prepares individuals to work in administrative positions at community colleges and universities. Graduates work in all non-teaching areas on college campuses. The program also offers a separate College Advisor’s Certificate.

Dedicated Faculty

The faculty in the College of Education are committed professionals who prepare individuals for leadership positions. Our faculty are engaged in exemplary research and a variety of special grant programs.

Find us on campus

The Robert G. and Nona K. Carr Education/Fine Arts Building is located at the corner of Dena Drive and Rosemont Drive. The College of Education office is in Room 104. Please visit or call if we can be of any assistance in planning your career in education.

College of Education
Fax: 325-942-2039
ASU Station #10914, San Angelo, TX 76909

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2602 Dena Drive
San Angelo, TX

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