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December 2015

Purpose: To evaluate data from academic year 2015 for program improvement.

Data Day Action Items

  1. T-TESS and T-PESS – What courses need to address these areas?
  2. Enrollment Data – Who are our candidates? How can we increase the number of individuals entering the Educator Preparation Program?
  3. STAAR – What do our graduates say about our preparation for their use of data?
  4. Where is it presented?
  5. Is there a competency module?
  6. TExES Data – How are the candidates doing? Are there weak areas? What is the plan for change
  7. CAEP Annual Report – What program elements are addressing the CAEP area?
  8. Value added measures – what do you know about them and what can the College do to anticipate their use in evaluation?
  9. PACE Data – What can you use from this data for program improvement? How can this data be used?


At risk programs – THECB and TEA will collaborate to identify the factors.

Revisions in Chapter 227 must be addressed. Vote on at December SBEC Board MTG

Revisions in Chapter 228 must be addressed. Vote on at Spring SBEC Board MTG


7:45 am

8:30 am to 12:00 pm

1:30 pm

Data Review