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May 2017

Bluebonnet Field

  1. Progress on questions that will be used for Teacher Focus Group
    1. Final Copy of Questions, June 1, 2017
    2. Action Research volunteers
    3. Student Perception volunteers
    4. Meet with principals – to be done in the fall of the year
    5. Opportunities for candidate participation
  2. Korean student numbers will double in size
    1. Faculty interested in presenting information to visitors
    2. Approximately 50 visitors
    3. Interested in being a host family?
  3. Upscale assessment
    1. Look at CAEP assessment document
    2. Validity of every assessment used to measure progress of candidates: content, construct, predictive
    3. Reliability studies for multiple sections of the same course or multiple assessors
    4. Opportunity for candidate involvement
  4. Results from the Principal Focus Group in February 2017
  5. Hakes’ retirement – Plaque and iPad