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Standard 4 Exhibits 2017

Standard 4. Program Impact

The provider demonstrates the impact of its completers on P-12 student learning and development, classroom instruction, and schools, and the satisfaction of its completers with the relevance and effectiveness of their preparation.

Exhibit 4.1 PEEQ Examples

Exhibit 4.2 State Principal Report 2013-2014

Exhibit 4.3 Principal Focus Groups April 2016

Exhibit 4.4 Campuses and Districts Participating in Data Collection

Table 4.1 State Principal Survey of New Teachers

Table 4.2 Classroom Survey of Students

Table 4.3 CREATE Longitudinal 10 Year Data Base of ASU Teachers

Table 4.4 State Exit Survey of Completers

Table 4.5 ASU Exit Survey of Completers

Table 4.6 School Personnel Survey of Quality of Teachers


Addendum Document 4.2 Principal Focus Group

Addendum Table 4.4 TEA Completer Survey


Action Plan for Standard 4

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