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Surveys and Follow-up Data

Texas Education Agency (TEA) Surveys

Senate Bill (SB) 174, passed by the 81st Texas Legislature, and the Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Chapter 229, Accountability System for Educator Preparation includes four accountability standards. Standard two will be met by the distribution of a Principal Survey and Standard four will be met by the distribution of the Participant Exit Survey.

TEA Principal Survey

Survey Questions

TEA Candidate Exit Survey

ASU Candidate EPP Completion Survey

This is a survey taken by candidates completing the Educator Preparation Program. Candidates provide feedback on their training at ASU.

ASU Teacher Job Fair Survey

Survey administered to representatives from school districts, Education Service Centers, and other hiring entities at our annual Teacher Job Fair about the performance of our completers.

Student Perception Surveys

Survey administered by Clinical Teachers in public schools to students in the classroom.