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Certification Test Registration Instructions

Creating and Accessing Your TEA Account

Before you can register to take a certification test, you must create a Teacher Education Agency Account (TEA).  Establishing your profile account with TEA will provide you with a TEA I.D. number.  Your TEA Account gives you access to test registration, certification applications, fingerprinting, certification renewal, etc. for as long as you are a Texas Educator.

How to access your TEA account through the new TEAL System.

If you have any issues, first contact the EPI Center for assistance at 325-942-2209.  Most issues may be resolved working through the process together.  If not, TEA will be contacted at 512-936-8400.  They will only issue information and assistance to you.

Certification Test (TExES) Registration Instructions

To be able to register for a certification test, you must have approval from your Educator Preparation Program (EPP).  The EPI Center will send you notification and instructions regarding test approval via your Angelo email.  You may also view your approvals by logging into your TEA Account.  If you feel you should have approval to register for a certification exam and it has not posted, please contact the EPI Center at 325-942-2209.

  1. Go to the Pearson website: .
  2. Select Your Account near the top center of the page then New User.
  3. Enter your TEA ID number and complete your profile information.  The profile information you provide must match the TEA profile information exactly or you will receive an error message. 
  4. Create an account user name and password. Select Register for a Test. If your certification program has not approved you to test, a screen will appear informing you that you are not approved to test. If you need an approval for a test that is not listed, please contact Amanda Gibson for instructions. Be sure to read over the online registration requirements. Then choose Register to begin registering for a test.
  5. Read online Registration Requirements and Alternate Testing Arrangements information then click register at the bottom.
  6. Read the Compliance with Rules and check each box to verify compliance then choose Next on the bottom left side.
  7. Select the test you wish to register for from the drop down list and click Select.
  8. Select the location from the drop down list you wish to take the test at and click select.
  9. Select the testing center from the drop down list you wish to take the test at and click select.
  10. Select the date from the drop down list you wish to take the test and click select.
  11. Select the options from the drop down list and click select.
  12. Select Add Test to save your selections.
  13. Review your selections, check the box to receive email and/or text score notifications, and review.  You will also review and verify you understand the Test Cancellation Policy.
  14. If you are done, click next to Proceed to Checkout and go to step 18.
  15. Click on add another exam and follow the steps 9-16 again to register for additional exams.
  16. Verify you are ready to Proceed to Checkout and click next.  Have payment information available because it is a timed transaction and will not save your registration if payment is not submitted.
  17. Follow the prompts for payment with a credit or debit card or transfer directly from your bank account. 
  18. Print a copy of the Registration Ticket to take with you to the testing center along with a current State I.D. Last name on I.D. must match last name on Registration Ticket.


It is your responsibility to read the TExES Registration Bulletin to know about testing policies and procedures, including test check-in requirements.  The bulletin may be found online at .

ETS Contact Information

General Information and Registration:

Customer service is available
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

ASU Certification Information

Mrs. Amanda Gibson, Education Certification Specialist

Attention Candidates
Requiring Accommodations

If you need special testing accommodations, be sure to contact Amanda Gibson as soon as possible. There are detailed procedures that must be followed to grant those accommodations, and the process can take several weeks.