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Register for Classes

How to Register for Classes

  1. Login to RamPort.
  2. Click the Rams icon at the top.
  3. Click “Registration.”
  4. Select “Register or Add/Drop Classes.”
  5. Choose the appropriate term from the drop-down menu.
  6. Search for classes by choosing the subject, entering the course number (if available), and selecting “Class Search.”
  7. Once you have chosen your desired course, select “Add to Worksheet.”
  8. After choosing the courses, select “Submit Changes.”
    • You can view your schedule by clicking “Student Detail Schedule.”
  9. If you experience any errors when registering for courses, view  the Self-Service Registration document or contact the Registrar’s Office at 325-942-2043.

For courses that require special permission please contact your Graduate Program Advisor.

Please note: Failure to pay by the deadline may result in your class schedule being dropped.

Forgot your password?

If you have forgotten your password for RamPort, please contact the IT Support Center at 325-942-2911 or go to the MCS Building, Room 111.


Registrar’s Office
Fax: 325-942-2553
ASU Station #10898, San Angelo, TX 76909