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College of Science and Engineering
Faculty Mentorship Program


The College of Science and Engineering’s Faculty Mentorship Program pairs experienced faculty members with new colleagues in their first year teaching at Angelo State University.

Protégés are paired with mentors from another department in the college, and each pair is encouraged to meet at least one time per month.

Mentor Expectations


Faculty mentors are expected to:

Time Commitment

Mentor participants should expect to devote a minimum of one hour per month with their protégés.

The College of Science and Engineering will email a list of discussion points and a few ideas about campus activities in which you and your protégé can participate. You are encouraged to be creative and consider information or experiences that helped or would have helped you during your first months at Angelo State.

Mentor Guidelines


The majority of the mentors will be notified of their selection for the upcoming school year at the end of the spring term.

Every new faculty member in the college will be assigned a mentor, so a few mentors may receive late notice of their selection depending on faculty hiring confirmations.

All mentor-protégé pairs are encouraged to connect in August before the semester starts. Then they can begin regular meetings in September.

Be a Mentor

All interested faculty in the College of Science and Engineering are encouraged to apply for the program.

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