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  • What to Include on Your “Getting Started” Page

    Helping your students get off to the right start so that they can be successful in your course has always been important, but new challenges that come with teaching in the middle of a pandemic make it even more critical. If you’re grappling ...

  • A lab class in the Vincent Building sits waiting for the fall semester.

    Let’s Talk Attendance

    Finding an efficient tool for taking attendance has been a continual challenge in recent years, and the pressure has increased this fall because of the COVID pandemic. As most of you are probably aware, the university is asking all faculty to ...

  • Students access Collaborate for a class they are taking.

    Using Blackboard Collaborate in Face-to-Face Classes

    I know what you’re thinking — you teach face-to-face courses and maybe use Blackboard to supplement what you’re doing in class, so how could you have a use for Collaborate, right? In case you aren’t familiar with Blackboard Collaborat...