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  • A student listens to an audio recording of course content.

    Evaluating Publisher Content for Accessibility

    As an institution of higher education, we are required by law to ensure that our course content is accessible to all of our students. This includes everything from the textbooks and publisher tools to handouts and exams. Unfortunately, publish...

  • Screenshot from Quick Tips presentation

    Quick Tips Follow Up for Accessible CV and Syllabus [Video]

    To follow up on all the great work this spring from faculty in our college, I put together this short video presentation with a few quick tips that are especially relevant to CV and syllabuses. There are so many things to remember regarding ta...

  • Watch these videos to learn more about how screen readers work.

    Understanding How Screen Readers Work [Video]

    If you’ve been reading through the Accessible PDF series, you might be feeling a little exasperated with some of the extra steps required to create a PDF. To keep you from throwing up your hands and saying “Really, Jayna? Isn’t this a bit mu...

  • Watch this video to learn about how to use the Accessibility Report in Adobe Acrobat.

    Creating an Accessible Syllabus and CV, Part 2 [Video]

    All right, so if you’ve made it this far, you should have a Word document that has been prepped for PDF conversion. I will briefly outline a few tips for exporting your document, but then we’ll go over how to interpret your accessibility repor...

  • Watch this video to learn about how you can prep your Microsoft Word document to convert to PDF.

    Creating an Accessible Syllabus and CV, Part 1 [Video]

    Think of all the bazillions of different things you can do in a Word document. The options are limitless. But because we have that freedom, we don’t have an option for easily converting all documents to accessible formats. It’s important t...

  • I like a cheerful Ram Cat image as much as the next person, but using a decorative image like this in your course content is a definite DON’T.

    3 Visual Content Do’s and Don’ts

    There’s no question that planning a new course, or revising an existing course, takes a lot of time and energy. But as you are identifying instructional strategies and determining course content, have you considered the role that good visuals pl...

  • Video: Creating Accessible Content Items in Blackboard

    Formatting Content Items in Blackboard [Video]

    With new digital accessibility laws taking effect in a few months, it’s a great time to start talking about a few quick changes we can make to help improve our course content. One of our challenges with Blackboard is that we actually have to...