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Instructional Design Consultations

The Instructional Technology Office in the College of Science and Engineering provides instructional design consultation services for all faculty in the college. The process is flexible depending on your individual needs.

Consultation Benefits

Assistance is available for fully online, flipped, blended, and traditional face-to-face courses. By using consultation services, you can:

Types of Consultations

Please read the descriptions below to help determine your needs, and then complete the form on this page.

Course Design

This consultation can focus on any aspects of instructional design, which may include: syllabus development, learning objectives or outcomes, learning activities, assessments and rubrics, learner interaction, organization and structure, course content and instructional materials, and student workload. We can also work together to take an existing course and present it in an alternate format, such as blended/hybrid or flipped.

Student Feedback

This consultation focuses on reviewing course feedback from student evaluations and conversations with students. We can work together to determine appropriate course revisions based on the items identified in the feedback. We will also set a schedule to evaluate the effectiveness of those revisions.


This consultation involves reviewing the technology tools used in your class in the context of your learning objectives, assessments, learning activities, and learner interaction. We’ll determine the most effective options to help you enhance the learner experience. We’ll also consider tools that maximize instructor efficiency. 


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