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Multimedia Checkout for Faculty

Document Camera

The Elmo MO-1 Visual Presenter document camera features a full HD video camera and a 300-degree moveable camera head. It serves as a video camera, a webcam, and a photo camera/scanner.


These 9.7-inch Apple iPads are perfect for wirelessly presenting your course content to your class.


This 15.6-inch Dell Latitude E5570 laptop is perfect for presentations and editing multimedia for your courses.

Microphone Headset

This Logitech headset has an adjustable microphone for easy audio recording.

Mini Projector

The Aaxa Technologies P700 HD Pico Projector is ideal for presentations, movies and games.

Podcast-style Microphone with Headphones

This Audio-Technica condenser microphone attaches to your computer through USB and allows you to record high-quality audio.

Video Camera

This Canon 32GB VIXIA HF G20 HD video camera and tripod are perfect for recording multimedia.