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Distinguished Lectureship in Science Honoring Dr. Roy E. Moon, presented by Shannon

2023 Featured Speaker

Dr. Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa wearing scrubs in an operating room

Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, M.D.

Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida

Public Presentations

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About the Lectureship

The Moon Lectureship, presented by Shannon, brings a scientist of national prominence to the ASU campus each year for public lectures, colloquia and informal discussions. The academic or professional specialty of the scientist is to be in one of the basic sciences emphasized in the ASU curriculum or in an appropriate medical field.

Special Thanks to Shannon

In 1976, five physicians from the West Texas Medical Associates (WTMA) established at ASU the Distinguished Lectureship in Science Honoring Dr. Roy E. Moon. For 43 years, through 2019, the lectureship was underwritten by an annual grant to ASU from the members of WTMA.

Beginning in 2022, the legacy of the Moon Lectureship was assured through the generous support provided by Shannon.

Angelo State University and the Concho Valley community appreciate the current sponsorship by Shannon, as well as that of our partners through the years, and their continued support of the sciences.

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