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About the Program

Preparing Rams In Science and Math, or PRISM, allows incoming freshmen to participate in mathematics classes and campus-enhancing experiences. This free program is intended for students who have an interest in majoring in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) field, although it is not a requirement.

The program offers several advantages, including:

Participants also get to move into their residence hall three weeks early at no charge.


PRISM is a two-week program that leads into ASU’s Rambunctious Week activities that kick off the fall semester every year. Throughout the program, you will participate in mathematics enrichment each morning and then transition to campus enrichment and fun activities in the afternoon and evening. Campus dining facilities will be open and students with meal plans will be able to use the services for meals throughout the day.

After the first week, you’ll complete an individually determined assessment to ensure that you are appropriately grouped for activities and programming during the second week of the program. At the conclusion of the second week, you’ll complete one more assessment so that ASU can place you in an appropriate mathematics course for success in the fall semester.

Move-in day is August 7 with programming starting the following day. Your mathematics coursework will be completed on Aug. 18. After that, you will participate in more campus enrichment and engagement activities as part of Rambunctious Week.

Campus Enrichment and Fun Activities

Campus enrichment activities include:

Afternoon and evening engagement activities include:


Only 20 seats are available in the PRISM program. Register today to save your spot!

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