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Advising and Registration Assistance

Advising appointments are necessary for every student at the university, and the Norris-Vincent College of Business offers specialized, professional advising services through the Center for Student Success.

Advising Appointments

What to Expect

Our professional advisors meet with each of our students at least once a semester for advising appointments. In these appointments, the student and the advisor discuss:

How to Prepare

You can make the most out of your advising appointment by reviewing your degree evaluation and writing down any questions beforehand.

  1. Review Degreeworks.
  2. Look up available classes.
  3. Bring the classes you’re interested in and any questions to your meeting.

Faculty Advising and Mentoring

When NVCOB students reach junior standing (60+ earned hours) or register for ACCT 2302 (AEF majors), they are transferred to a faculty advisor for their major.

Not sure who you should meet with? Contact our office!

Know Your Right to Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) governs the release of and access to student records. Advisors can only speak to the student about the student’s records - regardless of the student’s age or who pays the student’s bill. Students can add a parent/guardian as an Authorized User and give Proxy access through RamPort.

Setting Up FERPA/Proxy Access