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Tutoring for NVCOB Classes

The Norris-Vincent College of Business offers tutoring for the following courses in the Center for Student Success (Rassman Building, Room 201/203).

Tutoring during the Winter Mini-Session

To access the virtual ASU Tutor Center, log in to Blackboard and find Tutor, SI, and Math Lab Academic Support for Students in your list of Organizations. Use the Tutor Center button to view scheduled course tutoring days/times through Blackboard Collaborate. These are live sessions that include audio and video tutoring.

MATH 1324  |  ECON 2301 & 2302
ACCT 2301 & 2302  |  MGMT 2331  |  FINC 3361

Bring your notes, textbook and other study materials to your tutoring sessions. Our tutors are not in class with you, but they have completed the classes before.

Upswing 24/7 Online Tutoring Sessions

Free, confidential, and convenient tutoring to ASU students in an online environment with Upswing personnel.
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