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Major and Career Information

Are you unsure about which major to choose? Review the information below!

Our Majors


A degree in accounting prepares students for work in the financial and accounting sector of any business, financial institution or government entity. For students wishing to pursue careers in public accounting, our bachelor’s degree provides an excellent foundation for the required graduate degree in accounting.
Accounting Career Information


Economists apply the tools they learn to a wide range of controversial public policy questions, including fiscal responsibility, tax policy, and the structure of both domestic and international markets, as well as environmental regulation. These skills are in demand for careers in business, law, and economics research and consulting.
Economics Career Information


Students acquire the knowledge and skills to succeed in a wide range of finance-related careers. The finance curriculum covers not only the traditional corporate and investment courses, but banking and insurance, as well.
Finance Career Information

International Business

Graduates with this degree are prepared for the diverse and multicultural field of international business. Students may work in domestic and foreign corporations, nonprofit organizations, and multinational service firms and enterprises.
International Business Career Information


This degree plan prepares students for management responsibilities in organizations of any size. Graduates may work in any type of business, including government or nonprofit.
Management Career Information

Management Information Systems (MIS)

This degree plan prepares graduates for the analysis, design, construction, maintenance and administration of an organization’s information resources. Graduates may work in various areas of Information Technology.
MIS Career Information


This degree plan helps students learn the skills to develop and implement marketing plans. Graduates may work in areas related to sales and promotion, brand/product management and market research.
Marketing Career Information