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Our internship program connects our students to experiences relevant to their major within the city of San Angelo and beyond. You have the opportunity to enhance your résumé before you graduate, allowing you to gain invaluable experience in your field.

  • “My internship at Meals For The Elderly was a great opportunity to get to know my community and network across San Angelo. Throughout the summer you get to experience what working in the industry is like. It not only prepares you for your future but allows you to build connections. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity.”

    Alejandra Saldivar, Marketing Major

    Alejandra Saldivar
  • “During my summer internship at Ubique Group as a Digital Shelf Intern, I’ve had a fantastic experience. The company’s culture and collaborative environment have made learning and engaging with various aspects of the organization both enjoyable and seamless. The work I’ve been involved in aligns perfectly with my interests and has allowed me to contribute meaningfully. I’m excited to continue to track and optimize our products on amazon! Ubique Group provides an environment that fosters growth and creativity, reflecting a true hub of innovation and inspiration.”

    Emiliano Hinojos, Finance & Management Major

    Emiliano Hinojos
  • “During my internship at Sonora Bank I was able to meet with the head branch managers who expressed their intentions to create an inviting environment where there is ample opportunity to learn and grow. I am blessed to have a university who strives to open doors for those brave enough to enter through. Thank You Angelo State University and Sonora Bank for providing me with a bit of perspective! #RAMEM”

    Rita Flores, Accounting Major

    Rita Flores

Internship Experiences

Below is a list of recent internships in which our students have participated. We are continuously looking to add new opportunities to further enhance your professional experiences in San Angelo and beyond.