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NVCOB Internship Opportunities

We want our students to achieve both inside and outside of the classroom.

Our internship program connects our students to experiences relevant to their major within the city of San Angelo and beyond. You have the opportunity to enhance your résumé before you graduate, allowing you to gain invaluable experience in your field.

  • “I had the opportunity to intern two different semesters at Oliver, Rainey & Wojtek. I was able to have client interaction, establish professional relationships in the community and explore which career path I wanted to take upon graduation. My classes provided me with the basis I needed to succeed in the internships, but the internships themselves provided so much more.”

    Caylee Gibson Schellhase, professional accountancy

    Caylee Gibson
  • “Going into the internship I didn’t have much business experience nor ever had an internship before. I got the experience of working on various tasks and overall just helping out the different departments at TimeClock Plus. By getting this opportunity at TCP, I learned so much and gained more skills than I had before.”

    Margaret Riley, Master of Business Administration

    Margaret Riley
  • “My experience at the Lighthouse has given me a personal mission of ensuring wherever I find employment, I can use my opportunities to feel connected to the community. Some specific accounting practice I received includes posting to the general ledger, handling sales orders, and entering invoice information into their database. I feel much more prepared, confident, and competent going into the workforce post graduation.”

    Julia Nash, accounting

    Julia Nash

Internship Experiences

Below is a list of recent internships in which our students have participated. We are continuously looking to add new opportunities to further enhance your professional experiences in San Angelo and beyond.