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Marketable Skills

BBA Marketable Skills

The Marketable Skills that are acquired by all students who complete the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree at Angelo State University are outlined in the program learning goals of the BBA degree program. Those program learning goals are listed below.

Upon successful completion of their chosen BBA degree program, our graduates should be able to:

Goal 1:

Demonstrate proficiency in problem solving through analytical thinking, critical analysis, and/or creativity, as applied to business problems

Goal 2:

Demonstrate competency in basic business skills in the areas of: (a) interpersonal oral and written communications; (b) quantitative literacy; and (c) the use of business productivity software

Goal 3a:

Demonstrate knowledge of contemporary business theory and practice in both domestic and global settings

Goal 3b:

Demonstrate knowledge of contemporary theory and practice in their chosen area of specialization

Goal 4:

Demonstrate appreciation of ethical issues and sustainability in order to conduct business in a socially responsible manner

Goal 5:

Demonstrate respect for diversity and cultural differences in both domestic and global settings