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Please Don’t Do That.

  • The Ram Horn is Not The Letter “U”

    The Ram Horn was created to emulate the ram head. The horn and the distinct eye are present. If you look closely, while it may appear to look like the letter “U,” it has a missing piece. This missing piece makes a difference in the Ram Horn appearance. Don’t use the “U” when using the Ram Horn as a standalone graphic. Use “U” when spelling words that actually have the letter “U” in them.

  • What Were You Thinking?

    We’re all about creative thinking and freedom of design, but there are some things we just won’t allow you to do to our logo.

    Do not replace the Ram Horn with an athletic ball or any other object.

    Do not use patterns inside of our logos, half or whole.

    Do not use a heavy rule around our logo because, as you can see on the example below, the thick rule has distorted the graphic.

  • Space

    Overlaying/intersecting graphics are not permitted. Allow a minimum of .125” space for additional elements.

  • The Eye and The Ram Horn

    The “eye” on the horn is a part of the logo. Be careful not to remove it from the graphic.

    The “eye” is also the same color as the letters “ASU.”

    The Ram Horn remains a separate color to distinguish it as the horn.

    The logo prints in PANTONE® 287 Blue and 123 Yellow.

  • The Ram Horn Wraps Behind and to the Front

    The Ram horn wraps behind the letter “S” and in front of the letter “U.”

    Do not place in front or behind of both letters “S” and “U.”

  • Proportion, Not Distortion.

    When sizing the logo, maintain the proportions of the original logo.

    Do not distort the proportions in any way.