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Higher Education and Professional Development

We are focused on offering cyber-related degree and certificate programs that complement each other, support the traditionally under-served West Central Texas region, and develop students’ cyber expertise through real-world, hands-on skill application during internships with our partner organizations and companies.

Over the next two years, we will continue adding artificial intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity certificate and degree programs, as well as industry-recognized certification preparation courses. Our goal is to add additional programs at the certificate, minor, bachelor’s and master’s levels that align with established federal and state cybersecurity educational standards and maximize the marketability and future employment of ASU students.


There is a wide range of research opportunities in the intersection of cybersecurity and AI, and this field is likely to continue to grow as technology advances and cyber threats become more complex. We are working and collaborating with ASU faculty, graduate and undergraduate students and industry partners to develop state-of-the-art research projects in the field of cybersecurity and AI. We partner with and support faculty in research through internal funds and help faculty apply for external grants.

Cybersecurity and AI Programs

Internship Opportunities 

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Director of Kay Bailey Hutchison Center for Cyber Intelligence, Innovation, and Security Studies