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Current Exhibits

January 26 - June 1

Wild Encounters: Animals of East Africa

From the majestic savanna grasslands to the grandeur of the Rift Valley rivers and lakes, East Africa presents breathtaking landscapes populated by many of Earth’s most charismatic and recognizable animals.

March 22 - September 7

Radio Pioneers of San Angelo

Ride the radio wave through more than one hundred years of San Angelo radio history. In partnership with the San Angelo Amateur Radio Club (SAARC), this exhibit explores all facets of the radio industry, including the first generation of radio enthusiasts in San Angelo, the economic impact radio had on our community and the evolution of radio equipment through the decades.

April 18 - May 10

Atmospheric Vessels: Selected Works by McIntyre and Ordway

As part of the 25th San Angelo National Ceramic Competition, the ASU Department of Visual and Performing Arts is sponsoring the pop-up show “Atmospheric Vessels: Selected Works by McIntyre and Ordway.” Join us at the ASU Mayer Museum to see the works of these talented ceramics artists.

Permanent Exhibits

Dinosaurs exhibit in the Mayer Museum.

blast from the past


From a giant Tyrannosaurus rex to trilobites that predate even the dinosaurs, the paleontologist in all of us is sure to be delighted.

Gemstones on display in a drawer

Gems and minerals


You’ll be dazzled by our extensive collection of specimens. Children can get hands on in the Kid Cave while learning about mineral characteristics.

items on display in the new K. Michael Conaway Archive and Exhibit

historical records and memorabilia

The Journey of the Public Servant: Congressman Conaway

This exhibit features former U.S. Congressman Mike Conaway’s service to our nation and West Texas, including serving as chair of both the House Agriculture and Ethics committees.

Previous Exhibits


November, 2023


Embark on a visual journey through Hayum Surl’s artistic evolution with clay. Each piece reflects his intimate connection with the medium, demonstrating its transition over time.

Don’t Forget to Write: Messages from the Archives

September, 2023

Don’t Forget to Write: Messages from the Archives

Travel to the past through the words of those who lived it. Using letters written by and to West Texans, this exhibit explores various topics, including the frontier experience, wartime correspondence, business and politics. 


September, 2023


Robbie Barber is an award-winning artist. His sculptures, inspired by his travels in rural America, showcase the unique buildings of agricultural communities and share the stories of the people who lived and built them.

Wearing the Blue: Buffalo Soldiers in the Frontier Army

April, 2023

Wearing the Blue: Buffalo Soldiers in the Frontier Army

Created by Congress after the Civil War, these newly formed regiments of black regulars served on posts throughout the United States. Follow these “Buffalo Soldiers” from enlistment to retirement and learn about their unique experiences, challenges, and achievements.

Made in America: Manufactured Glass from the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts

March, 2023

Made in America: Manufactured Glass from the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts

Featuring over one-hundred pieces of American factory-made glass, this exhibit explores the history of glass manufacturing in the United States through the major manufacturers, movements and innovators.

Then & Now

November, 2022

Then & Now

The San Angelo Cultural Affairs Council and the Mayer Museum invite you to see the works of San Angelo and area artists of the past and present.

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