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K. Michael Conaway Archive, Exhibit and Fellowship Endowment

The K. Michael Conaway Archive, Exhibit and Fellowship Endowment was established at Angelo State University to preserve the legacy of Congressman Mike Conaway and impart his guiding principles to the next generations of young Texans seeking a voice in important national public policy matters.

The K. Michael Conaway Archive, Exhibit and Fellowship Endowment offers a unique opportunity for Conaway supporters and higher education supporters to impact the lives of ASU students while upholding the legacy of Congressman Mike Conaway. Mike Conaway has been a champion for Texas values and issues in our nation’s capital, and by giving to the endowment that bears his name, you ensure that Texas will continue to impact our country. As a donor, you will play a vital role in shaping and inspiring future Texas lawmakers. 

Archive and Exhibit

A dynamic, educational and interactive record of Conaway’s career, the Conaway Archive and Exhibit will primarily showcase his time as the U.S. Representative for the 11th District of Texas from 2005 through 2021. The Archive will house papers, historical materials, memorabilia and furnishings from Congressman Conaway’s time in office. The Exhibit will feature interactive touchscreens, documents and memorabilia, and themed displays focusing on Conaway’s committee work, chairmanships, early life and guiding principles. Both will be housed and on display in the ASU Mayer Museum.


The Conaway Fellowship Endowment will create a student fellowship program for Angelo State students in Washington, D.C. The K. Michael Conaway Fellowship in Agriculture and the K. Michael Conaway Fellowship in National Security will help students attain invaluable, first-hand experience in public policy. ASU students will enrich their studies and character through the fellowship program.

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Mike Conaway

Angelo State University is a pillar of the San Angelo community and the 11th Congressional District. The university consistently goes above and beyond to contribute to this region and educate the next generation of leaders. I’m proud to help further those goals.

Mike Conaway