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Educational Programs

Our educational programs seamlessly blend art, history and biology, all in support of the university’s academic mission.

Cube-i Sculpture with the Archer College of Health and Human Services building in the background

ASU Art & Motion: Campus Art Walk

Explore our campus, enjoy our Public Art Collection and discover what it means to be a part of the Ram Fam!

Public art, as the name suggests, is art in public spaces. These installations can be a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and colors. They can be three-dimensional sculptures or other art forms, such as mosaics and murals. Every piece in ASU’s Public Art Collection embodies our institution’s Core Values, transforming our campus into a beautiful and meaningful space.

A pamphlet is available in the ASU Mayer Museum that includes a campus map with markers for each of the art pieces, as well as other ASU landmarks. Stop by and start exploring the beautiful art on ASU’s campus.

A dinosaur display at the Mayer Museum

Curiosity Cart

Mark your calendar for the second Saturday of every month! The Curiosity Cart offers an engaging, object-based learning experience that connects participants to the world around them and is entirely free of charge.

Each month, we showcase a different theme and object. During your visit, simply stop by the cart to enjoy a brief three-to-five-minute presentation about the featured object.

microscope and dinosaur in the background

Kid Cave

Young explorers can get up close with interactive fossil games and biology specimens. Designed with kids in mind, the Kid Cave is available for visitor use and can also be reserved for field trips.

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