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BizPitch Judges

  • Ken Mayer

    Ken Mayer

    Ken Mayer is a former executive at ABC Radio and one of the creators of ESPN Radio.  Ken has held several executive positions in the communications industry and is currently the CEO of Lucky One, Inc.  Ken’s drive, creativity, and knowledge of finance has allowed him to have an incredible business career.

  • Jordy Moorman

    Jordy Moorman

    Jordy Moorman is the Founder and CEO of Workforce Technologies in San Angelo, Texas, a business he started in February 2018.  Prior to starting this new venture, Jordy worked at Time Clock Plus for ten years, working his way up from a help desk role all the way up to President of the company.  Jordy is very experienced in the business community and embodies the passion shown in entrepreneurship.  Jordy is also on the Board of Directors for the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce.

  • Scott Wisniewski

    Scott Wisniewski

    Born and raised in Chicago, Scott Wisniewski first encountered Angelo State University when he was successfully recruited to play basketball for the Rams. He went on to graduate from ASU in 1984 with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting.

    Following his graduation, Wisniewski went to work for a local CPA firm and was then self-employed for several years before joining Western Shamrock Corp. (WSC) as an auditor in 1990. He proceeded to play an integral role in helping WSC expand from seven stores when he started to more than 300 locations in 10 states and Mexico today, and he currently holds the position of CEO. Then in 2016, he acquired Ener-Tel Security in San Angelo, and he is in the process of expanding the company from a local enterprise to a regional and national business.

  • Adriana Havins

    Adriana Havins is a former SBDC advisor where she had the opportunity to learn about the multiple stages that different businesses experienced over time. Adriana has a Bachelor’s in finance and an MBA concentration in accounting. She has worked for a local CPA firm and is currently employed by Crockett National Bank as a Senior Credit Analyst. Born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico Adriana had the opportunity to experience firsthand as her dad started and grew his business from 20 to 150 employees.

  • Tammy Merwin Tammy Merwin

    Tammy Merwin is the Owner of Vivid Pop Events and West Texas Funk. West Texas Funk is a 9-piece party band that serves clients across West Texas and Vivid Pop Events is a balloon design and arrangements shop located in Downtown San Angelo. Tammy is also currently serving as the Director of Development & Marketing for the Boys & Girls Club of San Angelo. Tammy is a San Angelo native and former Angelo State University student. Networking and marketing have always been a passion and at the forefront of Tammy’s career and business ventures.