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ASU-SBDC Online Library

Starting a Business in San Angelo Guide
A handbook specific to San Angelo to assist with gathering information, answering questions you have about the process of starting a business, assimilating all information regarding your business into a written business plan, and acting as a directory for following most of the steps you need to successfully start a business.

Financing Options for Your Small Business
Designed specifically for doing business in San Angelo. Learn about the funding options that are available.

SBA Loan Chart - View this for a comparison of the SBA Loan Programs. See full loan details at

Start-Up Costs Worksheet
How much money will it take to open the doors of your business? Note, however, that this is *not* necessarily the complete picture of how much money you will need to get your business off the ground. Please call for an appointment with an advisor for more information.

Business Plan Questionnaire
This Questionnaire will walk you through the narrative of a business plan. After answering all the questions, you will be able to format the information into a finalized narrative for your plan.

Sample Business Plan
This booklet is the cornerstone of our Business Plan class as well as our advising sessions regarding start-up, expansion or purchase of an existing business.

Business Model Canvas (Blank)

Business Model Canvas (with Questionnaire)

The IRS 20 Factor Test
Many people falsely believe that they can simply pay an employee like a contractor instead of an employee… but can you?

The 5 C’s of Credit
Why did the banker turn me down for a loan? Perhaps this will give you some insight into the thought process that goes into approving or disapproving a business loan.

Online Learning Videos

Business Development Training- The ASU SBDC provides a variety of training topics that are available for on-demand viewing. You can view past events and enroll in various training programs that are offered to meet a variety of small business needs.

Useful Links and Information

SBDCNet: Research for Existing and Start-up Businesses
SBDCNet provides market research services to the SBDC Network of Small Business Development Centers. In partnership with your local SBDC, SBDCNet can produce a broad range of financial, market, and demographic research reports customized to your specific business and geographic location. They also provide industry snapshots, which is a brief overview of commonly requested industries. 

The Texas Business Licenses & Permits Guide
This guide is a comprehensive listing of state permits and licenses that may be required to operate a business enterprise in the state. The guide offers information according to business type and includes direct links to appropriate state resources that can help address any business permitting needs.
This is a great site to access and download a variety of business and personal tax forms.

SBA Learning Platform
SBA’s online learning programs are designed to empower and educate small business owners every step of the way.

Business Tips Articles
Read more on recent updates provided by ASU-SBDC Certified Business Advisors.

TWC - Texas Guide Book for Employers 
General information can be obtained by speaking with a member of the TWC Employer Commissioner’s legal staff to receive a more detailed answer to questions about a particular situation; the toll-free number is 800-832-9394, and the regular number is 512-463-2826.

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